verlinkt: Welcome to the Culture Reread

Bei gibt es bald betreutes Lesen der Culture-Bücher von Iain M. Banks:

Over the next several months (well in to 2019 and possibly beyond, if I’m honest, given a biweekly publishing schedule and novels that get increasingly doorstop-like as we progress), I’ll be making my way through the Culture novels, in order of publication.

Das hat schon mit dem Dune-Reread Spaß gemacht; der könnte allerdings langsam mal weitergehen.

Interessant auch Banks‘ Motivation, die Culture-Bücher zu schreiben:

“Partly it was in reaction to a lot of the SF I was reading at the time. The British stuff mostly seemed a bit miserablist and the US’s too right wing. I wanted SF that combined what I regarded as the best of both: the thoughtfulness and sense of proportion of the UK’s and the energy and optimism of the US brand.”